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I'm Stan, and I'm all about glasses

My name is Stan Kaminski, the owner of EyeCare Optical in West Bend. I'm an optician, and I make eyeglasses--over 200,000 to date! Making eyeglasses is a family business for me, as my dad was an optician, my two brothers, my son, and my daughter are opticians too. Even my grandkids want to be opticians! With over fifty years of experience, I know eyeglasses very well!

I'd like to invite you to stop by EyeCare Optical and speak with me personally about your eyewear needs. Schedule an examination today or bring in your doctor's most recent eyeglasses prescription to be filled!

Glasses don't fit? Searching for a new style? I can help you!

My Unique Services


I can put new lenses into  any frame without sending them away. Usually, it takes 1 to 2 hours.


I can also repair most broken eyeglasses


I can polish up and add new luster to your frame!


Broken frame? I can remount your lenses into a new frame


I can replace scratched nonprescription sunglass lenses.

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